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Our team provides you with professional legal representation and consulting services, for a prompt and easy solution to your problems. Our lawyers cover a varied area of activity, offering legal advice in areas of practice such as: commercial, corporate, fiscal, administrative, labor, insolvency, civil and family law.

We are closer to the needs of each individual client, by creating a lawyer-client relationship based especially on mutual trust, confidentiality, but also realism. Thus, we manage to prevent the emergence of legal problems and provide optimal solutions to resolve disputes, leading each client on their path to success.

Our team of lawyers is prepared to assist and represent you before courts and other jurisdictional bodies, criminal investigation bodies, public authorities and institutions.

We offer all our clients legal consulting services consisting of: 

  • drafting legal opinions;
  • custom drafting of contracts, statutes, conventions, transactions;
  • assisting clients in negotiation, mediation, arbitration;
  • due diligence activities and consultancy in transactions;
  • consultancy and assistance in various contentious or non-contentious procedures.
  • After the massive influx of innovation in recent years, there have been a number of changes that are dramatically altering how society works. This technological revolution has even reached the legal field, favoring the emergence of online services.
  • New digital tools allow us to provide high quality services to clients using the internet and technology as work tools.

  • Using technology, we take advantage of new forms of communication between the lawyer and the client, offering greater speed in communication.




     In 2015, a team of experienced lawyers have gathered and have founded our law firm, out of the desire to offer clients high-quality legal services. David-Law employs both litigating lawyers and lawyers specialized in legal consultancy. Moreover, our activity covers all branches of civil law, each of these lawyers being specialized in different areas of coverage.

     Our client portfolio includes both individuals and legal entities, with the greater share leaning towards legal entity clients, to whom, to a large extent, we offer permanent legal advice.

     All these years since we have been practicing this noble profession, we have fully understood the needs of the clients and that is why we believe that we are in a position to provide the legal services you need. We have both the resources and logistics to run the partnership to provide you with the services you need, as well as the case management experience.


    We encourage you to choose David-Law because of our focus on the ongoing development of personalized, value-added services designed to enable our clients to evolve legally.


At David-Law, our primary concern is to protect our clients' interests based on solid experience. We provide all our clients with advice, assistance and legal representation. As lawyers, we engage and represent the client before courts, authorities with jurisdictional powers, public administration bodies, institutions and other legal entities, bailiffs, notaries public and so on.


David-Law is the starting point. With us you can easily find a competent lawyer to support you before the courts.


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